Lead Like a Woman: 
The No B.S. Guide On How To Stop Playing Small, Improve Your Life & Get Genuinely Happy

Read below for an exerpt from the book:

I don’t proclaim to be an expert in any of what you are about to read.  

Life is a journey and is our chance to learn the lessons we are meant to learn.  Each of us has our own demons and stumbling blocks, I as much as anyone.  I have failed more times than I have succeeded.  But failure is not fatal, and I have learned through many intimate experiences with it that failure is a chance for redemption, growth, and peace, if we are willing to embrace it and let it help fashion who we are.  If you are afraid of failure, you are stunting your growth and blocking your future self.  I am here to challenge you to embrace your failures, challenges and hardships, and use them to become the person you want to become.  Remember this: “No pressure, no diamonds.”  

This books comes from 23+ years in the work world, over a decade of which I have actively spent working to grow into the business woman, mother, sibling, friend and lover whom I deeply want to be.  I’m not there yet, but I have had a seemingly miraculous amount of success despite my many efforts to f* things up for myself.   

Oh, and I should warn you, I curse like a sailor.  You wouldn’t know that about me when you meet me.  I was raised by a southern lady, and know how to rock a business suit in the courtroom or cocktail dress at a gala.  I know how to talk to heads of state, CEOs and celebrities without embarrassing myself.  But don’t let that fool you.  I’m really a cowgirl at heart - or maybe a wild horse:  untamed, free, restless, tangled and rough around the edges.  I can’t stand to be fenced in.  I long for the uncharted horizon, open spaces and have been seeking my own territory since I was born.  And with that comes brutal honesty, bad language, and a stubbornness that has been a gift and a curse.  

Just be warned that this book is my most honest, raw piece of work to date, and I’m going to let my full self shine through.  I do that not only for myself, but to also show you that you can be your authentic and true self, and still be a brilliant, shining star and a beautiful soul.  And the world needs your trademark touch on it, so dig deep and be brave....

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